Peter Brankin Wins the London Megastack for £9,757 and a Platinum Pass
28 February 2018
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Peter Brankin, a Social Cognition student from Worcestershire, secured the largest poker tournament cash of his career when he won the 2018 PokerStars London Megastack at the Hippodrome Casino over the weekend.

Brankin previous largest cash weighed in at £5,000, which was his reward for being the runner-up in the 2015 UK Student Poker Championships Main Event, but this latest victory almost doubles that sum and that is without taking into consideration the fact PokerStars awarded the London Megastack champion a Platinum Pass for the PokerStars Poker Players Championship worth a cool $30,000.

With 751 entries, this latest edition of the London Megastack earned the title of te biggest UK & Ireland based Megastack since the tour began. One-hundred and 11 of those 751 starters received prize money for their efforts. By the time the final table was reached, the nine finalists were guaranteed £1,563 for their £170 investment.

2018 PokerStars London Megastack Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Peter Brankin £9,757*
2 Greg Moore £10,788*
3 Thanasis Koullas £10,914*
4 Masolo Gidio £9,611*
5 Carlos Del Vigo Gonzalez £6,625*
6 David Shelley £10,511*
7 Petrica Cojocari £2,896
8 Brandon Elliott £1,978
9 Mason Hyatt £1,563

*reflects a six-handed ICM deal

Mason Hyatt was the final table’s first casualty and he was followed the Hippodrome’s cashier by Brandon Elliott and Petrica Cojocari. The last six players in the tournament then decided to pause the tournament to discuss a deal for the remainder of the prize pool. Those discussions bore fruit and the remaining prize pool was distributed using ICM with the players battling it out for the $30,000 Platinum Pass.

PokerStars London Megastack: Deal Agreed

David Shelley bust at the hands of Thanasis Koullas before Greg Moore’s king-queen held against the lowly nine-six of Carlos Del Vigo Gonzalez to leave only four players in the tournament.

Those four became three when Masolo Gidio’s ace-nine was beaten by the dominated queen-nine of Koullas thanks to the latter turning a king-high straight, and when Brankin’s pair of black jacks stayed ahead of the ten-nine of Koullas heads-up was set.

The final hand of the tournament saw Moore all-in with jack-five against the powerhouse hand of pocket kings. Moore paired his five on the flop, but couldn’t find any more outs on the turn or river, which meant Brankin had won the PokerStars London Megastack for £9,757 and a $30,000 Platinum Pass.

Brankin spoke to Willie Elliot of the PokerStars Blog and he revealed he usually plays $1/$2 cash games and got into poker playing lower stakes cash games at Harry Lodge’s house; Lodge was a classmate of Brankin.

Elliot asked Brankin who he planned to take to the Bahamas for what would be his biggest ever tournament and Brankin replied, perhaps jokingly, perhaps not, “I haven’t really thought about who I’d like to take with me to the Bahamas. I don’t have a girlfriend just now, but I’ve now got a great opening line to put on my Tinder profile.”