2018 WPT Choctaw Final Table Set, Brady Holiman Holds Sizable Edge
11 August 2018
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They are down to the final table in the World Poker Tour (WPT) Choctaw Main Event, as just six players remain from the original 755 player field. Going into Tuesday’s deciding day, Brady Holiman will be in Seat 1 with a significant chip lead. His 10.840 million chips are more than the next two players combined.

For a more complete picture, here are how the chip counts stack up (pun not intended):

Brady Holiman – 10,840,000
Timothy Domboski – 5,300,000
Viet Vo – 4,770,000
Christopher Smith – 4,495,000
Tony Ruberto – 2,675,000
Anthony Zinno – 2,245,000

Though Holiman is well ahead, everyone still has more than a fighting chance, as the blinds are 50,000/100,000 with a 100,000 chip ante. Ruberto and Zinno, the bottom two stacks, will need to find a spot to make a move soon, but they aren’t in immediate all-in with any two cards mode. Both have plenty of experience in these types of situations, too – Ruberto has $3 million in live tournament earnings and Zinno is a former WPT Player of the Year.

Holiman began Monday as one of the chip leaders with 1.55 million chips. It took him a while to really get going, though he was fairly consistent, chipping up slowly. He made it up over 4 million before dropping back to 3 million about four hours into the day, but quickly elevated his stack past 4.5 million within the next hour.

One of his biggest hands came about five hours in when a large pot formed pre-flop with Ruberto. On the flop, Holiman bet 700,000 and Ruberto raised him to 1.6 million. Holiman moved all-in for 4.1 million and after the tankiest of tanks, Ruberto finally folded. Without even seeing the turn, Holiman increased his stack to 6.850 million chips.

After almost six hours of play and with just nine players remaining, Holiman was up to 8.550 million chips, double that of his closest competitor. Continuing to apply pressure, he forced a river fold out of Viet Vo in a sizable pot after 6:00pm (the day started at noon local time) to eclipse 10 million chips.

Upon eliminating Andrew Crookston in ninth place, Holiman was up over 12 million chips. He peaked at nearly 13 million before doubling up an opponent and settling into where he is now.

This will be by far Holiman’s largest live tournament cash, as sixth place is guaranteed $95,780. Holiman has won less than half that in his career, with total live cashes of about $42,000. With his chip stack, methinks Brady Holiman is eyeing a juicier prize, though. Perhaps the first place purse of $469,185 is more his style.

2018 World Poker Tour Choctaw Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

1. Brady Holiman – 10,840,000
2. Timothy Domboski – 5,300,000
3. Viet Vo – 4,770,000
4. Christopher Smith – 4,495,000
5. Tony Ruberto – 2,675,000
6. Anthony Zinno – 2,245,000