888poker XL Inferno: Get Ready for the $500,000 GTD Main Event!
31 May 2019
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On the tenth day of the XL Inferno Series on 888poker, players could compete in three new tournaments, with the XL Inferno #29 – $30,000 6-Max as the highlight of the day. The $16.50 buy-in Mini edition and a $55 buy-in Late edition started as well.

The Main Event with a guarantee of $500,000 starts tonight, at 6 p.m. GMT. Playing in this event will cost you $250, but there are still plenty of opportunities to get in cheaper. The $50,000 guaranteed Mini Main starts at 6:30 p.m. as well and will cost you $33 to enter. The $5.50 Micro Main starts thirty minutes later and has a guarantee of $15,000.

You can follow the Main Event live on PokerNews with live updates, and you can read all about it in tomorrow’s recap. But first, let’s take a look at the results of Saturday’s events.

888poker XL Inferno #29: $30,000 6-Max

Buy-in Date Players Prize pool
$109 May 25 385 $38,500

At 20:00 GMT, the XL Inferno #29: $30,000 6-Max started with 276 players. During the first hours, players rebought 109 times, creating a total prize pool of $38,500. For the winner, there was the first prize waiting of $8,470.

After several hours of play, it was “GetSomeValue” who finished the tournament in 36th place. That meant the player was the bubble and with that, the other players were guaranteed at least $250. On the final table, each player was guaranteed $1,540, the amount that was received by sixth-place finisher “goba87“.

Not much later, three players left the tournament in quick succession: “R2Rka” (fifth, $2,310), “Sefas01” (fourth, $3,080) and “sidlovskiy89” (third, $4,428) all couldn’t seal the deal.

The final heads-up was between Argentina’s “JoaquinRuiz” and “GramNaKartke“. It was the Argentine who took down the title and the first prize of $8,470. The runner-up received $5,990.

888poker XL Inferno Event #29: $30,000 6-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 JoaquinRuiz Argentina $8,470
2 GramNaKartke $5,910
3 sidlovskiy89 Ukraine $4,428
4 Sefas01 Lithuania $3,080
5 R2Rka Ukraine $2,310
6 goba87 Russia $1,540

888poker XL Inferno #30: $20,000 Mini 6-Max

Buy-in Date Players Prize pool
$16.50 May 25 1,638 $24,570

Just like most events, there was a Mini edition of the 6-Max on the schedule. This tournament had a buy-in of just $16.50, and there were 1,638 players competing for a prize pool of $24,570.

The final table was top heavy with all six finalists in this tournament securing themselves of $737 while the top prize was $4,020.

That prize went to Malta’s “Flag888” after defeating “Corazzzzon” from Latvia in the deciding heads-up. The Latvian runner-up received $3,071.

888poker XL Inferno Event #30: $20,000 Mini 6-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Flag888 Malta $4,020
2 Corazzzzon Latvia $3,071
3 Patriciodvh9 $2,334
4 EKeleris Lithuania $1,597
5 ryuzaki16 $1,106
6 dscturrr $737

888poker XL Inferno #31: $15,000 Late 6-Max

Buy-in Date Players Prize pool
$55 May 25 383 $19,150

A late winner was crowned in the XL Inferno #31: $15,000 Late 6-Max. This event attracted 383 players to create a prize pool of $19,150. Each finalist guaranteed themselves of $766 while the winner could win up to $4,213.

After “todacage” departed in seventh place ($517), the players were moved to the official final table. “denisrf78” (sixth, $766), “sahonen7” (fifth, $1,149) and “toshi1984” (fourth, $1,532) were eliminated in quick sucession, before “forza749” ended in third place for $2,202 and missed a shot at an XL Inferno title.

That title went to Russia, after “mne_d0edet1” defeated “GeeGab” in the deciding heads-up. The Russian received $4,213 while the Brit had to settle for $2,940.

888poker XL Inferno Event #31: $15,000 Late 6-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 mne_d0edet1 Russia $4,213
2 GeeGab Germany $2,940
3 forza749 Canada $2,202
4 toshi1984 Romania $1,532
5 sahonen7 Canada $1,149
6 denisrf78 Russia $766

888poker XL Inferno Schedule

Date Time (GMT) Event Buy-in
May 26 5 p.m. XL Inferno #32 – $500,000 Main Event $250
5:30 p.m. XL Inferno #33 – $50,000 Mini Main Event $33
6 p.m. XL Inferno #34 – $15,000 Micro Main Event $5.50