ACR Sunday Winners Get 2019 Grind Underway
9 January 2019
PokerBrave (921 articles)

The ACR Sunday grind opened its 2019 account yesterday with a slew of tournaments for those desperate to shake off the winter cobwebs and get back into the swing of things after the festive season.

With news of the biggest online tournament by a US-facing site hitting the headlines…

…concentrating on the Sunday specials probably wasn’t as easy as usual for the regulars, but the winner’s circles eventually appeared all the same of course.

The year started well for ‘dametupasta’ who scooped a tidy $5k plus change ahead of 102 others in the $20k GTD late on Sunday night.

1 dametupasta $5,071.50
2 sablt12 $3,528.00
3 ProBrock $2,679.07
4 silskyer $1,984.50
5 emmabull $1,323.00
6 DuudeLovee69 $1,102.50

The $50 buy-in, $10k GTD also saw some big numbers when 175 players boosted the prizepool by an extra $3k+, ‘tewgood2’ proving too good for the rest of the field as he took down the tournament for a $2699 payday.

1 tewgood2 $2,699.40
2 The Sphinx $1,980.00
3 hungrymonkey $1,491.60
4 HerroFishy $1,122.00
5 Morriarty $765.60
6 InsertCoiiin $594.00

For those doing the overnight Saturday/Sunday shift at the tables, the $500 buy-in, $20k GTD SSS High Roller proved lucrative for some, ‘head218’ taking down the top prize of $9k from the eventual $22.5k prizefund.

1 head218 $9,000.00
2 AriZahav $6,075.00
3 ProBrock $3,375.00
4 LETSFKNGO $2,250.00
5 OGdogStink $1,800.00

The $6k guaranteed Super Stack Turbo, with a $100 buy-in, saw 72 entries and a victory for Rondog219, who made $1836 from his late evening’s work at the tables.

1 Rondog219 $1,836.00
2 MONEYCAPE $1,152.00
3 Steam Raize $828.00
4 boshet21 $648.00
5 ShillinAintEasy $540.00
6 thebattler44 $432.00

Earlier in the evening, boshet21 and seven others took advantage of a nice overlay in the $100 buy-in, $7500 GTD to walk off with almost double their expected ROI, a 5 hour afternoon session paying off quite handsomely…

1 boshet21 $2,437.50
2 OneBigWhale $1,575.00
3 pokanaktus $1,125.00
4 $750.00
5 Pinotchick $562.50
6 jbemare $412.50

As 2019 springs into action over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you Sunday grind results across al the buy-in levels at ACR, from micro-stakes all the way up to the highest of the high-rollers, so stay tuned and good luck at the tables!