Adam Lulat Crowned 2018 GUKPT Manchester Champions
6 March 2018
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Adam Lulat’s first cash in a major live poker tournament for two years was worth the wait because it saw him lift the 2018 GUKPT Manchester Main Event trophy and return home with £68,930 in prize money.

2018 GUKPT Manchester Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Adam Lulat £68,930
2 Gary Whitehead £45,060
3 Alex Montgomery £28,200
4 Jorge Rosa £18,310
5 Nigel Borge Jones £12,540
6 Carl Pickles £9,400
7 Turgay Bagdagi £7,470
8 Katie Swift £6,020
9 Mark Dyson £5,060

With the United Kingdom being battered by the so-called “Beast of the East” and Storm Emma, temperatures remained at sub-zero all week and many roads were hazardous to drive on due to heavy snow. Despite the adverse weather conditions, 241-players turned out in force for the £200,000 guaranteed Main Event and they ensured the guarantee was surpassed by £41,000.

The money bubble burst late into Day 2 when the blinds were 2,500/5,000/500a. Neil Rawnsley open-shoved for only 12,000 chips, David Gee raised to 30,000 and Adam Davis moved all-in for 50,000. Gee called to put both of his opponents at risk of elimination.

Davis turned over ace-king, Rawnsley showed ace-deuce of diamonds and Gee revealed pocket tens. Gee flopped a set to almost lock up the hand, although Rawnsley picked up an inside straight draw. The nine on the turn was a blank, as was the king on the river which came too late to rescue Davis who bust at the same time as Rawnsley resulting in the remaining 23 players being in the money.

Day 2 ended with 14 players in the hunt for the title after the likes of Yiannis Liperis, Kevin Houghton and the aforementioned Gee bust before the close of play.

Former European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event runner-up Steve Warburton was the first casualty of the final day after his king-jack didn’t get there against the dominating ace-king of Katie Swift.

Warburton was joined on the sidelines by another talented player in the shape of Ben Dobson and they gained some more company almost immediately after Dobson’s departure when Dan Hide exited in 12th place.

Chris Howden was eliminated in 11th place and when Mark James’s eight-seven was smashed to smithereens by Swift’s ace-king, which improved to a full house, the final table was set.

2018 GUKPT Manchester Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 Alex Montgomery 350,000
2 Jorge Rosa 680,000
3 Katie Swift 950,000
4 Nigel Borgejones 573,000
5 Mark Dyson 241,000
6 Gary Whitehead 353,000
7 Turgay Bagdagi 167,000
8 Carl Pickles 382,000
9 Adam Lulat 1,125,000

Mark Dyson’s final table appearance was short-lived because he found his all-in shove with king-queen called by Gary Whitehead who held a pair of queens. Then came the demise of Swift in eighth-place. Swift opened with a pair of queens and was called by both Lulat and Jorge Rosa. A four-ten-five flop saw Swift bet 85,000 and only Lulat call. Swift then check-called a 125,000 bet on the deuce turn before she moved all-in for 350,000 on the eight river. Lulat instantly called and showed a pair of black eights for a rivered set.

Seventh-place went to Turgay Bagdagi who lost a coinflip for his last eight big blinds and the remaining six became five when Carl Pickles’ three-bet all-in with ace-six was called by Whitehead and his dominating ace-queen.

Nigel Borgejones headed for the cashier’s cage to collect fifth-place money when his king-jack failed to get there against the ace-deuce of Lulat before Rosa’s 20-big blind shove with a pair of fours was called by Whitehead’s suited ace-king. A king on the flop won the pot for Whitehead and reduced the player count by one.

Heads-up was set when Alex Montgomery lost his last 10 big blinds in a coinflip with king-jack against Lulat’s pair of nines.

Lulat held a 2,900,000 to 1,900,000 chip lead over Whitehead but the latter won the first few pots and their stack sizes were swapped. Lulat reclaimed the chip lead and eventually ran out a worthy champion when Whitehead moved all-in with seven-five on a nine-seven-four-king board and Lulat snap-called having flopped a set of nines.

Players have to wait until late April to get their next fix of GUKPT action because the first £500 buy-in of the year takes place in Edinburgh from Apr. 22.