Everyone comes to poker in their own way. For myself, it was at the knee of my family, playing penny ante games of Seven Card Stud over the kitchen table. Some others, believe it or not, don’t come to the

There is a chance that my job may have just gotten slightly more difficult, as TheHendonMob.com (THM), the most respected and used source for live poker tournament results, has begun allowing poker players to request that their records be deleted

According to reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and reporter David Ferrara, a woman who is now (naturally) a former employee of one of the top poker magazines in the world has been indicted on charges of theft. The Basics

As reported last week here at Poker News Daily, poker professional Phil Ivey and the Borgata were involved with dueling motions regarding Ivey paying back the $10.1 million he won from the casino in the now-infamous 2012 “edge sorting” case.

Hot on the heels of the overturning of his previous legislation, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch vowed to bring new federal regulation regarding sports betting. Now he is being joined by fellow Senator and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in these calls,

Following the defeat of a bill that he ushered through the Congress in the 1990s, senior Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has indicated that he will soon put forth a new sports betting bill that would once again attempt federal regulation