Poker playing robots – more realistically, poker programs that utilize artificial intelligence, or AI, to make their decision – have been under development for the last 20 or so years. And with each ‘bot,’ they have gotten better at the

After spending much of 2018 in a state of hibernation, the Poker Alliance – the Poker Central-owned entity that used to be the “Poker Players’ Alliance” – seems to have come to life at the start of 2019. The Poker

He was arguably one of the best players ever to come out of Europe and, in particular, England. He was at times incorrigible, unrestrained, crass and boorish while simultaneously being an enchanting personality, funny, endearing and entertaining. He was the

Since everyone is breaking out the new calendars, that must mean that we have come upon 2019 and the New Year. It is also a time that people reflect on the year gone by and the year yet to come

In a stunning reversal, a Kentucky appeals court has overturned what was the largest ever judgment against a company in the state’s history. In that ruling, the three-judge panel voted to release PokerStars, now the Stars Group, from the $870

When my wife took her job at her current employer a bit over a year ago, she was required to sign a Non-Compete Agreement (NCA). It said something to the effect of disallowing her from accepting employment elsewhere in a