The move by The Stars Group, the owners of the #1 online poker site in the industry (PokerStars), to limit the number of cash game tables that players can play simultaneously has brought an avalanche of reactions. The reactions have

In just the latest salvo in the ongoing war between poker professional Phil Ivey and the Atlantic City casino the Borgata, Ivey’s winnings at the 2019 World Series of Poker have been garnished and are in the hands of federal

A poker professional who routinely crisscrosses the States of America and the tournament poker circuit will have plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with the people of this country (and, in some cases, the world). One of those poker

After being shut down due to a raid by law enforcement earlier this year, there were questions as to whether Houston’s Prime Social Poker Club would ever reopen. Those questions have now been answered as the owners of the membership

Poker tournaments, and their specific Player of the Year races, haven’t usually gone the natural route of having a title sponsor. Unlike their tournament brethren in golf (which seems to have a sponsor for every tournament it runs), poker runs

While the 2019 World Series of Poker Championship Event may have concluded about a month ago, there is still a hubbub about one particular part of it. According to many reports, including one from my friend and colleague Dan Katz,