Dan Bilzerian Responsible for LAG Style in Poker?
31 July 2019
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Social media playboy Dan Bilzerian has been making some rather grandiose boasts on the True Geordie podcast. The self-styled king of Instagram has flat out stated that he was responsible for pioneering the loose aggressive (LAG) style in poker.

“When I first started playing poker, I was one of the first guys who played loose-aggressive and that’s the adopted style nowadays and I was one of the first people that pioneered that.”

Bilzerian has long been a figure of fun in the poker community due to his claims that he got rich playing poker. He tells how in 2015 he beat a high-stakes amateur for $54 million after allowing rumours to continue that his wealth came from a huge trust fund. He says that he refused to put these rumours to bed in order for the recreational player millionaires to carry on targeting him.

“I never wanted to be the guy on TV showing everyone how good I was. I wanted to be the guy who they thought sucked who could play with the rich guys.”

Of course, there is almost nobody in the poker community that believes Bilzerian’s version of events. Most seem to stick to the original story that circulated about his dad being a corporate raider that overstepped the mark and ended up in prison.

Most of the interview consisted of anecdotes about the flash cars and all the girls Bilzerian is photographed with, but one thing stood out as a sore point for the American playboy. He referred to somebody on YouTube, that is likely Doug Polk, who had criticised his poker skills. The rant that followed was typical of a man who has been rumbled!