Gumz Leads Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Final Table
8 November 2018
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After less than 6 hours of play on the penultimate day, the official final table of the €550 Grand Event was determined at the Malta Poker Festival. Eight players are left and guaranteed a payday of at least €14,710, but the winner will walk away with the trophy, the title, and an amazing first-place prize of €150,000.

Fabian Gumz (lead photo) from Germany will be starting in the best position as he grabbed the chip lead in the final hand of the night and bagged 9,845,000 in chips.

Gumz is trailed by Emanuele Onnis with 6,330,000 which equals 40 big blinds. Closing the podium is another Italian player Nicolay D’Antoni with 4,685,000. Also on the final table are Borge Dypvik (3,645,000), Giovanni Salvatore (3,630,000), Espen Uhlen Jorstad (3,245,000), Andre Henning (1,765,000), and Steven Iglesias with 975,000.

Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Fabian Gumz Germany 9,845,000 62
2 Andre Henning Sweden 1,765,000 11
3 Nicolaj D’Antoni Italy 4,685,000 29
4 Steven Iglesias Norway 975,000 6
5 Giovanni Salvatore Italy 3,630,000 23
6 Espen Uhlen Jorstad Norway 3,245,000 20
7 Emanuele Onnis Italy 6,330,000 40
8 Borge Dypvik Norway 3,645,000 23

Malta Poker Festival Day 3 Recap

The day started with 24 players. In the first ten minutes of the day, there were already two double-ups to be noted. Yoav Scheiman doubled through Jorstad first and then Giovanna Dimartino doubled through Scheiman. Scheiman was later eliminated by Dimartino at the start of the next level. Idan Raz busted Harvey Norris and Onnis took out Gary Banks in a three-way all-in pot where his pocket kings held on and Henning got short.

Eivind Dahle was downed by D’Antoni, Elio Caferro fell to Francesco Cortorillo, and Emanuele Napolitano failed to win his all-in against Marko Cosic. Raz busted to Jorstad and Colin Lovelock was eliminated in seventeenth place to take the players down to the last two tables.

Piero Compagnoni ran his ace-eight into the ace-king of Cortorillo. Dimartino, the last woman standing, busted with ace-ten against the pocket nines of Gumz. The day 1B chip leader, Domenico Gala, held pocket sixes when he was all-in against the pocket aces of Onnis and got no help from the board. Cortillo busted to Eyal Bensimhon with ace-jack, Bensimhon had king-queen and hit the river to have the upper hand.

Bensimhon was next to go when he shoved after Onnis had raised. His queen-jack couldn’t win against the ace-king of Onnis. Jona Wilmsmann was eliminated in eleventh place when he held ace-queen against D’Antoni’s ace-nine who hit a nine on the river. Federico Petruzzelli first doubled up Gumz and then lost the rest of his chips to Salvatore with ace-king when Salvatore held pocket aces.

The nine remaining players combined onto one table for the unofficial final table. One full level was played in which Gumz hit the nut-flush and got paid. The first hand after a 15-minute break, Cosic shoved from under the gun. Dypvik called before Gumz overshoved. Dypvik decided to fold. Gumz held ace-king against the pocket jacks of Cosic and hit a king on the flop to eliminate Cosic as the final table bubble.

Here’s what’s at stake for the eight finalists:

Position Prize in € Prize in $
1 €150,000 $170,899
2 €85,000 $96,842
3 €50,000 $56,966
4 €40,000 $45,568
5 €34,000 $38,732
6 €28,000 $31,897
7 €20,600 $23,467
8 €14,710 $16,758