Main Events Bring Global Poker Grizzly Games to a High-Octane End
28 February 2019
PokerBrave (1135 articles)

The Global Poker Grizzly Games main events took centre stage on the US-facing site yesterday, both the medium and high buy-in guarantees smashed as players took to their Sunday grind with titles and big money in their sights…

Starting with the High buy-in biggie of the series, 564 runners battled for over 7 hours to decide who would be crowned Grizzly Games champion, a final table representing eight states from across the USA.

A top prize of over SC$21k awaited the victor, although 90 players would find themselves in the money – a min cash worth almost SC$300 from the SC$112,800 prizepool.

The remarkably-named OnionRingSasquatch would have been a worthy winner for creativity alone, the Illinois player eventually bowing out in 8th spot however, with a SC$2.5k cash more than enough to keep his monstrous namesake in savoury snacks for quite some time.

It was a serious business, of course, with a Grizzly Games title a passport to a measure of fame and fortune as previous Global Poker winners have found out, and it came down to a battle between Pennsylvannia’s finest DougPilk and the master of disaster from Indiana, Master G.

Heads-up with a SC$6k difference in prizemoney, it was the Penn state grinder who eventually emerged victorious, SC$21,093 to add to his bankroll…

… while Master G’s SC$15k+ payday – and Poiuyt of Nevada’s SC$11k cash for 3rd spot – showing just how lucrative the US site has become of late.

1 DougPilk SC$21,093.60
2 Master G SC$15,228.00
3 Poiuyt SC$11,280.00
4 MixsonItUp SC$8,460.00
5 Warrick28 SC$5,922.00
6 Lackingaces SC$4,794.00
7 Pocylpse SC$3,666.00
8 OnionRingSasquatch SC$2,538.00
9 Amud SC$1,646.88

The SC$40k guaranteed Medium buy-in version of the Main Event was also settled yesterday, 487 entrants producing an extra SC$8.7k in the kitty, this time 81 players cashing for a minimum of SC$141.23 and streamers galore joining in the action via TwitchTV.

With a top prize of almost SC$10,000 the battle raged for over 6 hours, the top eight walking off with at least a 10x ROI, with third-placed South Dakota man Anthony FreshSqueezedLemon Scarborough taking to Twitter to celebrate the best grind of his life…

Just ahead – and bagging spots in the season-ending Global Poker Tournament of Champions – were SofcknTIM and Pokerplayer79, the latter from North Carolina just edging out his New Jersey opponent to lift the trophy and a whopping SC$9,131 payday – with the chance of a SC$5k live tournament package still to come.

1 Pokerplayer79 SC$9,131.25
2 SofcknTIM SC$6,671.90
3 Freshsqueezedlemon SC$4,918.70
4 Michael172 SC$3,701.20
5 Gimmieyochips24 SC$2,600.58
6 Fold0matic SC$2,069.75
7 Justagrill SC$1,582.75
8 STG3Bet SC$1,095.75
9 Kgunit SC$754.85

With another successful Global Poker tournament series in the bag, the community-focused site will soon be back to the daily and weekly schedule – next Sunday seeing the Teaser and Scrimmage returning after the Grizzly Games interlude yesterday.