Mike Wasserman – Small Edges, Big Profit
13 August 2019
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Mike Wasserman has over $5.8 million in online results from almost 8,000 cashes listed on PocketFives, winning virtually every major online tournament. He’s a former number 1 ranked poker player in worldwide online rankings from 2015 and one of Canada’s finest. In the live arena, he has well over half a million in cashes. He could also be the most essential poker coach you meet if you take advantage of the offer to buy his latest package at just $99, with a reduction of over 75% thanks to the PokerNews price offer.

Interested? Let’s take a look at how the small edges that Wasserman can sharpen could lead to you banking profits.

Small Edges Add Up to Big Profit is essentially a blueprint for improving your chances every time you sit at the poker table

What the Course Contains

Wasserman’s training program is all built around sharpening those edges that others miss or fail to prioritize. Over the course of eight segments, Wasserman explores how you can focus on what will maximize that small edge and how you can use them to extract profit from your opponents.

Here are those eight edges:

  1. Preparation – covering pre-game, during gameplay and post-game
  2. Mental Game – one of the most pivotal areas of modern poker
  3. Optimal Time Bank Usage – using your time bank properly
  4. Advanced Time Bank Tactics – using a strategy for stalling
  5. Creating Fold Equity – one of the best ways of winning against players of all levels
  6. Registration Theory – planning your schedule, when to register on time or late
  7. Bubble Play – How to pick up uncontested chips with limited risk
  8. End Game Preparation – where the biggest financial swings can be affected

Fitzgerald Backs Wasserman’s Program

As you can see from the list above, it’s a relatively comprehensive list of eight pivotal poker variables that over time, you can begin to take control of. We found this list to be very well balanced. There are undoubtedly other vital areas of poker to focus on, but Wasserman’s tuition comes across as if it has been deliberately chosen not just as a way of coaching you in these areas, but to encourage progressive thought patterns into other related areas of the game. While discussing stalling as a strategy can be considered controversial, it at least makes you think about it.

Renowned coach Alex Fitzgerald is throwing his support behind his friend and peer, tutoring in this free lesson what he learned from him:

Wasserman’s advice on those lesser-known but highly profitable edges will help you identify the leaks in your own game and expose weaknesses in your opponents’ games, too. Small Edges Add Up to Big Profit is essentially a blueprint for improving your chances every time you sit at the poker table, and after taking some notes, we found that there was a subtle but helpful structure to the order in which information is supplied, too. As well as bouncing from Wasserman’s ideas into other areas of the game, should you follow his advice in each tournament you play, you can much easier understand the narrative of poker tournaments. They have a beginning, middle, and end, and the course helps you process poker in a much more ordered way.

Wasserman’s Range

If you’re wondering what stakes Wasserman has mastered, it should please you to learn that he’s not merely some high stakes genius sitting in his ivory tower doling out advice. Having accumulated $5.8 million in earnings, Wasserman did a lot of that the hard way, mastering the minefield of mid-stakes poker.

Wasserman’s history is all about volume, with his bread and butter being a range of live events between $500-$3,500 and online events costing between $55-$215. These are the ranges of tournaments that Wasserman’s advice can help you get a grip on, and Wasserman references the critical part about game selection in his course.

Every player should play stakes they feel most comfortable taking on, and Wasserman leads by example in that respect. He is happy to have mastered a particular level of poker and made a lot of money sticking to what he knows best. Mastering the edges within the range you find most profitable, is going to press home your edge. That’s the takeaway you should have from this course.

The Power of Precision

Mike Wasserman has been a highly profitable pro for the last eleven years, having played over 80,000 MTTs in that time. With three weekly leaderboard wins on PokerStars and a Sunday Million victory to his name, he’s pleased taking people on via the ‘Red Spade’ site. But Wasserman has no trouble adapting to different colored cloth and has reached the final table of virtually every major online tournament title worth playing.

It’s not only online where Wasserman has excelled, with the popular poker professional having made Day 5 of the WSOP Main Event not once but twice. The former number one online player in the world back in 2015, is a highly relevant player who is at the cutting edge of new techniques and clearly enjoys speaking about the precise way to get the better of the current play in individual situations.

Here’s a good example of how Wasserman can break a subject down, as he demonstrates how to use advanced poker software to study more effectively for MTTs. Wasserman identifies how to use the technology to see the math and profitability between different strategies in short stack blind vs. blind scenarios.

In this video, Team Gripsed Pro Mike Wasserman teaches you how to use ICMIZER to see the math and profitability between different strategies in short stack blind vs. blind scenarios.

Wasserman’s 2019 Reputation

Wasserman has enjoyed his biggest ever live win at the felt this summer, taking down the $1,100-entry Venetian Summer Saver in a chop for a massive $138,500. He also won $33,500 in a $250-entry 6-max WSOP.com tournament and won $19,184 by finishing 33rd in the Little One for One Drop. Both those two live event wins took place directly after Wasserman was eliminated from the 2019 Main Event, so his mental strength is stronger than ever. He’s in form and cashing in on that knowledge today for just $99 is the smartest move you can make.

“What I will be doing is giving you examples of how to manipulate your surroundings in a more profitable way.”

Wasserman’s Pledge to Pupils

“I won’t be talking about GTO, or how to balance against good players,” says Wasserman of his course. “I won’t be focusing on street-by-street decisions in a hand. What I will be doing is giving you examples of how to manipulate your surroundings in a more profitable way.”

By finding the edges that are entirely by-the-book yet often overlooked, Mike Wasserman has done a lot of the hard work for you. Learning how to manipulate opponents and squeeze extra profit into every poker session is something every poker player could use more knowledge of, and Wasserman provides it in a very easy-to-understand, ever understated manner.

About the Offer

Wasserman’s program is all about practicing simple, yet highly effective strategies that will make a big difference to your game. He’ll put you in the position to capitalize on mistakes from others, maximizing your edge consistently.

Mike Wasserman’s Small Edges, Big Profit program lasts around 4 hours and is broken into ten parts. With a regular price of $399, you can get more than 75% off for the next fortnight by using the PokerNews discount code PNEWSPROFIT. Paying just $99 for a poker program could change the way you look at poker and widen your smile as you look at your profits column in the coming months. With this offer expiring in 14 days, there’s never been a better time to let Mike Wasserman make you a better poker player.