Moment of the Week: Chance Kornuth Gets Some Phil Hellmuth #Positivity
11 June 2019
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Week one of seven is officially behind us here at the 2019 World Series of Poker, and what a week it was. Some previous WSOP’s have started out on the slow side, but this year it was full throttle from the gate, including drawing the most ever entries in a poker tournament. Some thought the 28,371-entry field might just break the Rio last week, but don’t fret, it is still standing.

There have been plenty of moments to keep poker players and fans alike entertained so far. While we’ve already covered the most controversial moment of the week in this Muck article, the winner of moment of the week goes to Chance Kornuth and Phil Hellmuth, who had a WSOP moment come full circle in week one.

The Clash

It all started with their “chance” meeting in the $50k high roller, Event #5 when the two were seated at the same table. They played an interesting hand which led to the “first Hellmuth blowup of the summer.”

Hellmuth defended his big blind against a Kornuth middle position raise and check-called the flop. He check-called again on the turn and the river was the . Hellmuth checked again and quickly called when Kornuth fired a nearly pot-sized bet that left Hellmuth with just a few big blinds.

“You never deserve anything.”

According to the live reporting, when Kornuth tabled for a runner-runner flush, Hellmuth stood up from his chair and flashed a king before sending his cards to the muck. It didn’t stop there though, as Hellmuth continued to mumble some choice words under his breath, as he’s been known to do from time to time.

Being the outspoken player that he is, Kornuth took the opportunity to engage with a sarcastic, “I usually blame the dealer too when that happens.”

“I’m not blaming the dealer,” Hellmuth replied, “It’s just fucking bullshit. I had you trapped. You didn’t deserve to win the pot.”

“There’s one thing I’ve learned in my poker career, Phil,” Kornuth responded. “Something that obviously you haven’t. You never deserve anything.”

Three Final Tables Among Them

Deserved or not, the two players combined made three final tables in week one. Kornuth went on to final table that event, eventually falling in sixth place for $251,128. Just two days later, the founder of Chip Leader Coaching was back on the streamed final table stage, this time in the $10,000 Short Deck event where he took fourth for $93,593.

Hellmuth was also showing who loves it more – or how badly he wants to add to his bracelet collection – busting two bullets in the $50k high roller before jumping into the $500 BIG 50 and then the $400 Online event. Hellmuth reached his first final table of the summer and finished fifth of a whopping 2,825 entries in the online hold’em tournament for $39,460.

The positivity was flowing for both, and by the end of the week, the two reunited, put their little clash behind them, and embraced the good fortune they were experiencing to start the series.

…A beautiful moment to end a beautiful first week at the WSOP.