people's poker

People’s Poker >> WHAT IS IT?

This network used to be the largest in Italy, right now its the fleeing grounds of the worst regs from The Hive and home to tons of recreational players.
The network provides flat rakeback.
A very nice software that was used for Enet.
People’s Poker software is compatible with Holdem Manager and PokerTracker through a converter tool that we may be able to provide you with.
Rake is between 5% and 6% (depends from the stakes , like caps).
Extremely good action on HU high stakes.

People’s poker >> HOW TO PLAY THERE

Only italian customers are allowed to play here.
We provide assistance in : English , Greek , Slovenian , Russian, French and Italian.


The network is very well known. It was very big before the software change.
The 100nl and under games run a lot. Lot’s of recreational player per table.
They have 4 handed games.