Sunday Briefing: Simon Mattsson Banks a $215K Score at partypoker
25 May 2019
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There were some massive scores enjoyed by online poker tournament players on May 19 but nobody won bigger than the Swedish superstar that is Simon “HellmuthTheGr8” Mattsson who bossed a Super High Roller event at partypoker.

Let’s take a look at the biggest tournaments from the online poker world on May 19.

KO Series #27-SHR: $1M Gtd Championship Event at partypoker

Date May 19th
Buy-in $5,200
Guarantee $1,000,000
Entrants 198
Prize pool $1,009,800
ITM 32

A field of 198 bought into the KO Series #27-SHR: $1M Gtd Championship Event at partypoker for $5,200 and create a prize pool weighing in at $1,009,800. Half of this huge sum went to the bouty prize pool and the other half was shared among the top 32 finishers.

Each of the eight players who reached the final table were guaranteed $12,394 plus sizeable payments from the bounty prize pool. The United Kingdo’s “Dork Pork” busted out in ighth place and won $9,100 worth of bounties in addition to the $12,394 eighth place prize.

Anothr British player in “AKQ_POCKETS” then crashed out for $19,305 in total before Austria’s “ImagineKing” fell by the wayside and collected $52,289 thanks in part to ammassing $29,656 from the bounty prize pool; only the champion won more.

Lithuania’s “dartazz” busted and was joined on the rail by Sweden’s “STORTjavlaGL” and the UK’s “DamianLillard” which set up a heads-up clash between “haddoken” and Simon “HellmuthTheGr8” Mattsson, both of Sweden.

Mattsson was the man to come out unscathed to collect a total prize worth $215,410, made up of the $79,804 top prize plus $135,606 worth of bounties. The runner-up will still be happy with the result thanks to locking up $92,705 for their second place finish.

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 Simon “HellmuthTheGr8” Mattsson Sweden $79,804 $135,606 $215,410
2 haddoken Sweden $79,705 $13,000 $92,705
3 DamianLillard United Kingdom $56,852 $10,075 $66,927
4 STORTjavlaGL Sweden $42,033 $12,025 $54,058
5 dartazz Lithuania $29,638 $17,468 $47,106
6 ImagineKing Austria $22,633 $29,656 $52,289
7 AKQ_POCKETS United Kingdom $16,705 $2,600 $19,305
8 Dork Pork United Kingdom $12,394 $9,100 $21,494

KO Series #28-HR: $1M Gtd Championship Event at partypoker

Date May 19th
Buy-in $2,100
Guarantee $1,000,000
Entrants 463
Prize pool $1,000,000
ITM 64

There was another high roller KO Series event at had a $1 million guarantee, the KO Series #28-HR: $1M Gtd Championship Event. This attracted 463 players, which left an overlay for them to enjoy, and “triathlon4” of Germany took full advantage of the added money by being the last player standing.

The German banked the $75,902 top prize and boosted it with $86,764 worth of bounties, including that on the heads of runner-up Alexandre “PokeyB_RedBaron” Mantovabi of Brazil who banked $81,245 in total, almost exactly half that of the champion.

Earlier at the final table, “WASH_MY_WILLY” and “mexicanos22” were the first casulaties and returned home with $15,235 and $19,122 respectively. There was a big jump in prize money after those eliminations as the remaining players had all locked up big bounty payments.

Sixth place finisher “Sr.Caixes” collected $41,406 before “Alien_Army” and “BOOMALOOM_” of Austria busted for hauls of $45,429 and $53,235. Another Austrian, “Chelsea72”, fell in third place for $65,165 to set up the heads-up battle that triathlon4 won.

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 triathlon4 Germany $75,902 $86,764 $162,666
2 Alexandre “PokeyB_RedBaron” Mantovani Brazil $75,799 $5,446 $81,245
3 Chelsea72 Austria $51,999 $13,166 $65,165
4 BOOMALOOM_ Austria $36,173 $17,062 $53,235
5 Alien_Army Austria $25,660 $19,769 $45,429
6 Sr.Caixes Moldova $18,651 $22,755 $41,406
7 mexicanos22 Malta $13,282 $5,840 $19,122
8 WASH_MY_WILLY Mexico $9,608 $5,627 $15,235

$1,050 Sunday Warm-Up at PokerStars

Date May 19th
Buy-in $1,050
Guarantee $225,000
Entrants 304
Prize pool $304,000
ITM 39

Over to PokerStars now where Patrick “pads1161” Leonard chopped the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up 8-Max with Estonian pro Markky “markovitsus” Koplimaa for more than $50,000.

It was a star-studded final table that saw Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos bust in eighth place for $7,583, the last player not to win a five-figure prize. Eighth place and $10,120 went to “silentm0de” of Moldova with Canada’s “ccyrenne” falling in sixth place for $13,506.

“BillLewinsky” of the Netherlands, winners of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, was the next player eliminated and they secured a $18,026 prize before Vladimir “vovtroy” Troyanovskiy ran out of steam to finish in fourth place, a finish worth $24,058.

The penultimate elimination was that of “Corlusion” from Canada who banked $32,108 and this left Koplimaa and Leonard to play one-on-one for the title. A deal was struck between the heads-up duo that meant Koplimaa collected $49,068 when he busted in second place and Leonard scooped up the now $50,974 top prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Patrick “pad1161” Leonard United Kingdom $50,974*
2 Markku “markovitsus” Koplimaa Estonia $49,068*
3 Corlusion Mexico $32,108
4 Vladimir “vovtry” Troyanovskiy Russia $24,058
5 BillLewinsky Netherlands $18,026
6 ccyrenne Canada $13,506
7 silentm0de Moldova $10,120
8 Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos United Kingdom $7,583

$1,050 Sunday Supersonic 6-Max PokerStars

Date May 19th
Buy-in $1,050
Guarantee $200,000
Entrants 249
Prize pool $252,949
ITM 29

Not to be outdone by his fellow Swede, Niklas “Lena900” Astedt helped himself to a title too, this one the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic that was worth $48,876. Astedt is one of the biggest winners in online poker history with more than $15 million worth of cashes and is one of the most feared and respected grinders of his generation.

Astedt found himself heads-up against “Darwinsfish” of the Netherlands and brushed them aside to secure the top prize and leave the runner-up to pad their bankroll with $36,338.

Belgium’s“quiditbear” was the first casualty of the six-handed final table and they were joined on the sidelines by “eisenhower1” of Sweden, “papan9_p$” of Russia and “pm_marke” from the Netherlands.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Niklas “Lena900” Astedt Sweden $48,876
2 Darwinsfish Netherlands $36,338
3 pm_marke Netherlands $27,016
4 papan9_p$ Russia $20,085
5 eisenhower1 Sweden $14,932
6 quiditbear Belgium $11,102

$30,000 PKO Whale at 888poker

Date May 19th
Buy-in $530
Guarantee $30,000
Entrants 54
Prize pool $30,000

Across to 888poker now where the XL Inferno series created some big prizes that you can read about in a dedicated article. One of the biggest non-X Inferno events was the $30,000 PKO Whale that saw 54 players compete for a slice of the $30,000 pie.

“Alrighty2222” busted from the final table in sixth place for a $1,032 prize and was joined in the role of spectator by “Bombertime1” of Argentina and “Mr.Right88” of Germany who netted $1,549 and $2,775 respectively.

Bahrain’s “MFA1770” crashed out in third place for $2,693 to leave “SpitOnGraves” and “prebzzz” to fight one-on-one for the title. It was a scrap that prebzzz came out on top of, banking $12,605 and resigning the second place finisher to $4,593.

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Total Prize
1 prebzzz United Kingdom $6,105 $6,500 $12,605
2 SpitOnGraves United Kingdom $4,125 $468 $4,593
3 MFA1770 Bahrain $2,475 $218 $2,693
4 Mr.Right88 Germany $1,650 $1,125 $2,775
5 Bombertime1 Argentina $1,237 $312 $1,549
6 Alrighty2222 $907 $125 $1,032

$20,000 Sunday Challenge at 888poker

Date May 19th
Buy-in $109
Guarantee $20,000
Entrants 195
Prize pool $20,000
ITM 27

The $20,000 Sunday Challenge narrowly missed out on hitting it’s guarantee after 195 players exchanged $109 for the chance to become the tournament’s champion. That champion was none other than “LaGushatnik” who turned their $109 investment into $4,300 after defeating “oTLIN” of Lithuania heads-up, leaving the Lithuanian to bank $3,100.

Only the top six finisher received a four-figure prize. “OieGrise” of Malta scooped $1,000 before “gimnast2605” netted $1,200 for their fifth place finish. Fourth place and $1,750 went to the UK’s “Paradigm21” with the penultimate elimination being that of Brazil’s “Deninho1993” who collected $2,350.

Place Player Country Prize
1 LaGushatnik Belarus $4,300
2 oTLIN Lithuania $3,100
3 Deninho1993 Brazil $2,350
4 Paradigm21 United Kingdom $1,750
5 gimnast2605 Russia $1,200
6 OieGrise Malta $1,000
7 dan.obreja United Kingdom $800
8 carleng123 United Kingdom $600
9 Wei2good4Yu Estonia $400

GGS #072: $150K Gtd Super High Roller at Natural8

Date May 19th
Buy-in $5,000
Guarantee $150,000
Entrants 45
Prize pool $213,750

Once again, there were some massive prizes in the Natural8 Good Game Series, especially in the GGS #072: $150K Gtd Super High Roller event won by Natural8 ambassador Michael “Michael Soyza” Soyza.

Only five players from the 45 starters received prize money for their efforts, with Belarus’ “ekziter1” being the first player to cash, their fifth place exit banking them $13,435. The Belarusian was joined on the rail by Malaysia’s “Mr.Fishy” who walked away with $21,345 before Natural8 regular “SasukeUchiha” fell in third-place for $33,911.

Heads-up saw the UK’s “chan593” stand toe-to-toe with Soyza and it was the latter who emerged victorious, securing the $91,182 top prize for himself and resigning the runner-up to a $53,875 consolation prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Michael “Michael Soyza” Soyza Malaysia $91,182
2 chan593 United Kingdom $53,875
3 SasukeUchiha Canada $33,911
4 Mr.Fishy Malaysia $21,345
5 ekziter1 Belarus $13,435

GGS #083: $300K Gtd Super High Roller at Natural8

Date May 19th
Buy-in $5,000
Guarantee $300,000
Entrants 102
Prize pool $484,500
ITM 15

Mexico’s “vamossuerte” became a Good Game Series champion on may 19 when they topped a field of 102 entrants in the $5,000 buy-in GGS #083: $300K Gtd Super High Roller.

All nine players at the final table won more than $13,000 with ninth place finisher “goodeggplant” netting $13,431. A brace of Canadians then busted. “4eggadayMike” exited in eighth place for $15,227 with “Picasso16” locking up the $20,233 seventh place prize.

Belarus’ “exziter1” busted in sixth-place for $26,857 with Lithuanian star Laurynas “LaurisL91” Levinskas crashing out in fifth place for a $35,669 haul.

The prize money was starting to get really serious now and when “KittysHusband” ran out of chips to bust in fourth place, they saw $47,371 added to their Natural8 account. Third place was even bigger, “HogFish333” netting $62,912.

The heads-up duo won more than $190,000 between them. “Chun Lei Zhou” was the second place finisher and collected $83,552 with “vamossuerte” taking home $110,964 and the title of champion.

Place Player Country Prize
1 vamossuerte Mexico $110,964
2 Chun Lei Zhou Macau $83,552
3 HogFish333 Colombia $62,912
4 KittysHusband Taiwan $47,371
5 Laurynas “LaurisL91” Levinskas Lithuania $35,669
6 ekziter1 Belarus $26,857
7 Picasso16 Canada $20,233
8 4eggadayMike Canada $15,227
9 goodeggplant Mexico $13,431