UK & Ireland Online Poker Rankings: Jonathan Proudfoot At an All-Time High
12 January 2018
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Durham’s Jonathan “Proudflop” Proudfoot has climbed to an all-time high in the worldwide online poker rankings, provided by, following a strong of impressive results.

Proudfoot has been putting in solid results on a consistent basis for the past year and has no climbed to fourth in the United Kingdom standings and 28th in the global rankings. A runner-up finish in a $1,050 buy-in event at PokerStars netted Proudfoot $47,771, which happens to be the grinder’s largest online tournament score.

Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford is still in front in the UK rankings and is so my almost 400 points. Beresford finished second in a $109 tournament at PokerStars last week and walked away with $6,747 for his efforts. The youngster also netted almost $7,200 for a runner-up finish in the partypoker $40K Gtd High Roller, although this cash came too late to be included in the latest rankings update.

partypoker ambassador Patrick “pleno1” Leonard kept tabs on Beresford with a brace of four-figures scores. Leonard banked $4,509 for his third-place finish in the $20K Gtd High Roller at partypoker and added an additional $4,629 for a 15th place finish in a $1,050 event at PokerStars. The popular pro, like Beresford, has some large scores that came too late to be added to his points tally.

Scotland’s Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich has a fantastic time at the virtual felt on Jan. 3. Geilich cashed in the High Rollers 19: $2,100 NLHE Main Event at PokerStars for $7,826 and then banked $11,020 for finishing seventh in a $1,050 buy-in tournament. Not content with those scores, Geilich went on to scoop $15,236 by finishing 13th in a $5,300 buy-in event, also at PokerStars.

UK Online Poker Rankings (January 11, 2018)

UK Rank Player Points
1 Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford 7042.61
2 Patrick “pleno1” Leonard 6665.98
3 Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert 6293.80
4 Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot 6247.90
5 Charlie “chaz_man_chaz” Combes 6019.04
6 Owain “sngwonder” Carey 5402.17
7 David “davaman” Lopez 5219.28
8 Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich 5174.08
9 Chris “Moorman1” Moorman 5107.81
10 Oscar “MendaLerenda” Serradell 4858.46
11 Sam “TheSquid” Grafton 4794.49
12 Javier “que_te_crio” Fernandez Alonso 4650.71
13 Patrick “thebigdog09” Brooks 4592.40
14 “carpediem200” 4482.43
15 “fatboi” 4385.85
16 David “Clarkson7” Clarkson 4313.90
17 Nicolas “Liftededge” Todd 4296.02
18 Jamie “EzGame89” O’Connor 4257.65
19 Rick “TheClaimer” Trigg 4199.54
20 Mihaita “Soulread93” Croitoru 3942.79

Dara O’Kearney Climbs to an All-Time High

Dara “Doke” O’Kearney has opened a lead of more than 500 points in the Irish rankings and now finds himself ranked 166th in the world, the highest the popular pro has ever reached.

While O’Kearney didn’t find himself among the biggest winners last week, he consistently reached the money places in dozens of tournaments and the points awarded for these cashes have propelled him up the various leaderboards.

Kevin “SuitedAcesBaby” Killeen is one player who gave his bankroll a significant boost last week. The former European Poker Tour Dublin champion helped himself to a $16,605 score by finishing third in a $109 buy-in tournament at PokerStars and followed that up with a $2,721 cash in a $530 tournament, also at PokerStars. Killeen could close the gap on O’Kearney once his $9,639 bink is added to his PocketFives profile.

Live high roller specialist Steve “MrTimCaum” O’Dwyer soared up the Irish rankings this week and now occupies ninth-place. O’Dwyer, who recently won the $50,000 High Roller at the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, enjoyed a trio of four-figure scores at PokerStars, the largest weighing in at $2,954.

Irish Online Poker Rankings Top 20 (January 11, 2018)

UK Rank Player Points
1 Dara “Doke” O’Kearney 4073.56
2 Kevin “SuitedAcesBaby” Killeen 3542.79
3 Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson 3521.46
4 Tomas “luckymo32” Geleziunas 3272.39
5 James “Jaymo” Noonan 3153.42
6 Daniel “danielt999” Tighe 3124.24
7 Daragh “daragh999” Davey 3008.04
8 Dan “DatWillDoPig” Rankin 2758.31
9 Steve “MrTimCaum” O’Dwyer 2750.13
10 Conor “ccoonnoorr” O’Driscoll 2712.82
11 Nicholas “YerSoLucky” Newport 2624.34
12 Keith “TheImprover” Cummins 2564.34
13 Karl “chips12354” Curry 2539.46
14 “Rowniwn” 2466.78
15 Brendan “daehbonk” Naughton 2462.34
16 “Noogaii” 2435.38
17 Kamal “AceOfShamrocks” Singh 2387.62
18 Jason “blaaaaaah666” Tompkins 2367.34
19 Cathal “shinerrr” Shine 2314.36
20 Frank “Denman98” Lillis 2099.45