UK & Ireland Online Poker Rankings: Patrick Leonard Now 8th in the World
24 June 2018
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partypoker ambassador Patrick “pleno1” Leonard is now ranked eighth in the world after breaking through the 9,000-point barrier in the online poker rankings.

Leonard has been ranked as highly as number one in the world and has recently been locked in a battle for the number one spot in the United Kingdom. Leonard is now more than 200 points clear at the top of the UK standings after a couple of large scores were added to his profile.

A runner-up finish in the partypoker Super Sunday High Roller-SHR: $100K Gtd netted Leonard $26,500 and a further $8,183 went into Leonard’s partypoker account when he finished fifth in the Sunday Major-HR: $150K Gtd High Roller.

Michael Chi “mczhang” Zhang is the number two in the UK and 12th in the world, his highest global rank yet. Both Leonard and Zhang are now in Las Vegas for the 2018 World Series of Poker, which gives third-place Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot a chance to close the pair’s lead.

Proudfoot has been in superb form of late and that form now translates to a 17th place on the worldwide leaderboard.

Another player who has reached an all-time high is Dean “muggggy” Quinn. The Cornwall-based grinder is now ranked 10th in the UK and 61st in the world. Quinn seems to do most of his grinding at partypoker where he is rapidly approaching $750,000 in winnings.

UK Online Poker Rankings (Jun. 22, 2018)

UK Rank Player Points
1 Patrick “pleno1” Leonard 9024.60
2 Michael Chi “mczhang” Zhang 8821.77
3 Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot 8233.69
4 Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford 8030.11
5 “rolandbauer” 6662.34
6 David “davaman” Lopez 6263.17
7 Chris “Moorman1” Moorman 6223.39
8 Rick “TheClaimer” Trigg 6091.59
9 Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert 5945.61
10 Dean “mugggggy” Quinn 5855.53
11 Charlie “chaz_man_chaz” Combes 5610.44
12 Javier “que_te_crio” Fernandez Alonso 5490.77
13 “luckyfish89” 5458.95
14 Sergio “zcedrick” Aido 5377.97
15 Manig “swordfish007” Loeser 5269.08
16 “Kashmiri” 5112.24
17 Matt “eardleym” Eardley 5076.68
18 Patrick “thebigdog09” Brooks 5024.18
19 Scott “Aggro Santos” Margereson 4869.19
20 Jamie “EzGame89” O’Connor 4803.74

Sven McDermott Continues to Climb

The Irish rankings are topped by Sean “monkeybudgie” Prendiville but it is Sven “svencalls” McDermott who continues to close some ground on the leading pack.

McDermott is now up to 11th in Ireland and a career-high of 768th in the world. Based in Leitrim, McDermott has almost $180,000 in online poker tournament cashes, the vast majority stemming from his play at PokerStars. McDermott recently won a $215 NLHE Turbo at PokerStars for a $3,795 score.

James “Jaymo” Noonan also had a large cash at PokerStars, one worth $8,700. Noonan collected this sum for finishing second in the $215 Fat Tuesday Turbo, while Ronan “Sw33ney” Sweeney banked a massive $19,484 by winning the $215 Monday 6-Max, also at PokerStars.

Shout-out also to Daniel “danielt999” Tighe who won more than $11,000 thanks to a trio of runner-up finishes at PokerStars. Tighe finished second in the Big $215 Football Frenzy Special for $4,781, second in the Hot $215 for $5,212 and was the bridesmaid in the $215 NLHE Turbo for $2,750.

Irish Online Poker Rankings Top 20 (Jun. 20, 2018)

UK Rank Player Points
1 Sean “monkeybudgie” Prendiville 5737.81
2 Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson 4606.66
3 Kevin “SuitedAcesBaby” Killeen 4288.25
4 James “Jaymo” Noonan 4263.89
5 Ronan “Sw33ney” Sweeney 4096.90
6 Dara “Doke” O’Kearney 4062.41
7 Steve “MrTimCaum” O’Dwyer 3716.02
8 Louise “lou045” Butler 3082.25
9 Conor “ccoonnoorr” O’Driscoll 2937.24
10 Tomas “luckymo32” Geleziunas 2820.45
11 Sven “SvenCalls” McDermott 2780.34
12 Frank “Denman98” Lillis 2677.20
13 Nicholas “YerSoLucky” Newport 2642.53
14 “Rowniwn” 2597.86
15 Brendan “daehbonk” Naughton 2520.36
16 Daniel “danielt999” Tighe 2497.23
17 Kamal “AceOfShamrocks” Singh 2368.92
18 Dan “DatWillDoPig” Rankin 2350.24
19 Shaun “silage89” Conroy 2309.04
20 Shean “Alexlai” Lai 2107.99